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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:37 am

S.O.A.P. and all Wings Rules

1 The Forum
In order to allow proper communication throughout the alliance, you are required to register in the forum. Once you have registered, you must provide your information about production, troop count and write up your profile (introduction).
If you fail to register here and supply the required information within 3 days after joining the alliance your membership will be removed.

2 Troops
Make sure at all times that your troop count is at least 1/2 your population, the higher the ratio the better.

3 Activity
3.1 Communication
Be active, not only in-game but also here in the forum
3.2 Going Yellow
This should never happen. If you plan to be away for more than a day, arrange for a sitter. Three registered periods of yellow will result in cancellation of your membership.
3.3 Going Red
It is not acceptable to go red. Any member with a red dot will not only be kicked from the alliance, but will be turned to a farm and open to raid by all members as well as practicing target for our catas. Do NOT let this happen - arrange for a sitter if you plan to be away.

4 The Council
4.1 Function
All decisions are made within the Council. The Council has to ensure that communications both inside and outside the alliance are always done in a coordinated manner. The Council members are responsible to enforce the rules and to execute the appropriate actions.
4.2 Orders
Council orders are mandatory. Do not fail to comply with the orders of the Council. Failure to comply to the orders of the Council will be punished individually upon concense of the Council.
$4.2 Council Membership
The Council consists of a maximum of 5 players. Every quarter an election will be held. Everyone applying for a slot in the Council must state so in the forum. Every member is eligible to run for membership and every member is eligible to vote.

5 Special Assignment
There are various special positions available within the alliance. The holder of any special position is at all times bound to the orders of the Council. Each special position is open for election every quarter.
Special positions are:

  • Chief Recruiter
  • Recruiter
  • Diplomat

6 Big&Small
A special scheme has been established that will help smaller players to grow quicker by the assignment of bigger players who will help with resources. The assignments are made by the Council and are mandatory. The amounts of resources to be sent to the smaller player however are up to the donator. The rules of Travian of course apply.

7 The Wings
Once the main alliance has reached a certain number of members, we will spawn wings. All smaller players will be transferred to the wing.
There will be a minimum population for the main wing which will be raised over time by the Council members. Everyone below this limit will automatically be transferred to a wing.
Every member of a wing alliance having grown to the required size of the main alliance will be transferred automatically.

8 Travian Rules
Do NOT brake the official Travian Rules. Failing to comply will result in removal of your membership.

Theses rules are subject to change as we the Council see fit[b]

I like what I like so there!

If you are confused as to why I have 2 names IGM me and I will explain. And no, I do not own 2 accounts.
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Rules and Regulations
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